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Enterprise Solutions

Accessing to critical business information, is critical to enterprises. Sophcon has experience in building enterprise grade solutions across many industries.

Application Architecture

Whether you need consultation on an existing system or looking develop of a new one, let Sophcon be part of your transformation journey.

Cloud Readiness

Let Sophcon help your organization take the next step. Sophcon's seasoned professionals will assist with evaluating your current infrastructure and application state and provide a plan for transitioning your solutions to the cloud.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) & Agile

Improve your teams ability to deliver software faster and more reliably through the implementation of an effective ALM and/or Agile discipline.

Web Design & Development

Since the advent of the internet, a myriad of technologies have cropped up, all with the promise of improving your web success. Navigating these various offerings may be overwhelming. Let Sophcon’s seasoned professionals assist you with identifying and implementing the right web solution for your business needs.


What does your organization’s mobile footprint look like? Let Sophcon create a custom mobile experiences that will put your organization in front of your mobile client population. Integrate with internal systems to allow your employees/partners stay connected where ever they may be.

Developer Mentoring

Accelerate your development team's knowledge through a custom tailored engagement with Sophcon.

Our Mission

Bring solutions to those who need it

Whether you own and operate a small business or work in a large enterprise, there will be times when you need a solution to your business related issues. Sophcon has exposure to many different industries and can provide a quality solution to meet your needs.

Do amazing things every day

We believe it is essential for everyone to have a sense of accomplishment every day and encourage our employees to do amazing things, every day. By fostering a culture of professionals which are pushing boundaries, we provide the best value to our customers, day in and day out.

Have fun, be casual

It's our philosophy that happy people perform better. This starts with our company and extends to our customers. We strive to keep optimism conscious part of our everyday work.

Produce measurable value, accelerate growth

Identifying goals and devising means for measuring progress allows Sophcon and it's customers to make more informed decisions sooner. Allowing for rapid growth and quicker goal attainment. This concept is an essential part of our offerings.